I recently had the opportunity to work with Comedy in Motion for a corporate event and I must say that this whole process was a smooth transition from start to finish. They were extremely organized and detail orientated, when asked to incorporate some of our organizations strategy into the act there was no hesitation on their part and they were able to work it in ever so seamlessly. They arrived right on time, set up was quick and quiet, they were very easy going and a real pleasure to work with. After an all-day strategy event the audience was delighted to see our mission and values worked into the act. Feedback I have heard is that the show was entertaining and hilarious, an absolute hit with such a diverse crowd. Everyone loved that the show was interactive including audience remembers, showing our fellow colleagues in a different light when put on the spot. The show ended with a fantastic reference to our days overall purpose that was followed by a standing ovation. This show was a crowd pleaser being polished, clean and captivating. There was great variety to make everyone smile and it built up the energy up in the room. I would recommend this show to anyone, especially those who are looking for great entertainment for corporate functions.

Krystle O’Brien

Leadership & Development Specialist, Plan International Canada


I brought Bob Cates in to perform at a corporate fundraiser/Golf tournament that I was planning based on a recommendation from someone who had seen his show.  As an event planner, it can be difficult to find a professional quality, entertaining show that will appeal to a wide variety of people, but Bob’s show really exceeded my expectations. Bob put on a show for a group of golfers who had been on the links all day and then had enjoyed a big meal and he was able to completely captivate them with his skills and with his interactive comedy. Bob has a great stage presence, and interacts with the audience in a very effective way.  The show itself is fast moving and permeated by witty humor and amazing skill.  Bob is more than “just a juggler”.  He is a professional entertainer who physical skills and sheer talent are a perfect compliment to his witty on-stage banter. Practically speaking, Bob is very organized in his dealings and carries out his end of the contract faithfully.  Bob was prepared, courteous and on-time, and it was a pleasure working with him. Bob’s “Comedy in Motion” Show is innovative, professional and truly entertaining, just what every event planner is looking for!  So, if you are looking for a show that will truly entertain audiences of all kinds, Bob Cates is the man for you.  I would not hesitate in recommending Bob to anyone.

Rudi Tomiczek

President, Admark Corporate Sports


I just wanted to say what a wonderfully entertaining performance you put on for our staff on Saturday evening. You have amazing skill and put everyone in awe of the visual display they saw. I especially appreciate how you made us all laugh greatly in a family friendly way and without it being at the expense of any person. It was totally enjoyable and our staff members are still talking about it.

Henry DeKlerk

President, Grand Erie Home Hardware

On behalf of the organizing committee for Cabela’s 2012 National Sales Meeting, please accept my sincere thanks for entertaining our group at this year’s meeting. Your performance was perfect! Between your jokes, juggling, lights, music and plate spinning, you kept the crowd of 500 employees captivated for the entire evening. In our conference-ending survey, your performance received 100% positive reviews from our employees, which is a testament to your talent, skill and ability to interact and connect with such a large crowd. On a personal note, I must tell you how delightful it was to meet and work with you. As the person tasked with securing the entertainment, I was a bit nervous about finding a performer who would provide us with an entertaining, safe and clean performance. In every interaction you thoughtfully listened to my needs and walked me through the evening’s plan. Your professionalism and courtesy don’t begin when you step on stage, they are evident in everything you do. You are a true professional. I hope our paths cross again soon!

John Castillo

Public Relations Manager, Cabelas

On behalf of AGF Steel Enc. (Ottawa Division), would like to thank you for such a wonderful and enjoyable show at our 2016 Christmas party. We were all definitely wowed and impressed with your unique and amazing talents. I appreciated how you incorporated our love of rebar into your show. You juggled them very well and it was quite the pleasant surprise with the crowd. You were also very interactive with them and adapted well even considering the surprises and improvisation of the staff. The show was definitely enjoyed by all and talked about for days. I also have to say that appreciate how easy it was to work with you. You were very organized, punctual and certainly felt at ease through the preparation and through the event. Thank you again for everything. Lauri-Anne Fortin

Manager, AGF

For the closing banquet of our annual conference in November we had invited Bob Cates and his Comedy in Motion show to be the entertainment part of that banquet. We had over 400 people in attendance representing all age groups (from young children to senior citizens) and everyone had a fantastic time. As the conference coordinator, I had the pleasure of working with Bob before, during and after the show and was very impressed with how organized and professional he was in all aspects of planning and performing this event. Bob has obviously done this many times as he had all the necessary information, forms, and answers to questions not yet asked already detailed and laid out clearly for us well in advance of the event. It was a stress free and organized process and everything ran according to plan. The show itself was stellar! Bob is not just an extremely talented juggler and entertainer, but very funny and he has a wonderful ability to read an audience and keep them involved and entertained. His use of a unicycle and lasers sets him apart from other juggling acts that I have seen. The finale of his act was a plate-spinning routine that was spectacular and had the whole audience yelling and cheering! We would highly recommend Bob and Comedy in Motion to anyone looking for a highly skilled, professional, and appropriate for all ages type of entertainment.

Lauri-Anne Fortin

Manager, AGF

Club 63 North brought back Comedy in Motion with Bob Cates for a second year to perform at our five Christmas parties on December 8th and 9th. Once again, we were not disappointed. Bob’s showmanship and skill are hard to match and his skills had guests of all ages cheering, laughing and sitting on the edge of their seats.

Bob performed for approximately 2000 people during the weekend and each show had the same “magic”. People who had attended the show last year were very excited to hear that he was returning this year.
The goal of our Christmas show is to provide a high caliber special event for our worker’s and their families, and Bob certainly helped us achieve our goal. Once again, we were both satisfied, and amazed.
Bob’s show combines amazing juggling skills, crazy stunts and witty and clean humour. Finding a show that the whole family can enjoy can be difficult these days, but Bob Cates’ show definitely fits the bill.
I would highly recommend Comedy in Motion with Bob Cates if you’re looking for a professional, innovative, and amazing show, filled with fun for everyone!

Lauri-Anne Fortin

Manager, AGF

Thinking about Bob Cates? Don’t think any longer, book him!

Bob wowed our audience this past month at our annual banquet. His talent and ability to connect with the audience is absolutely amazing. After the show, many people approached me to ask if the volunteers on the stage were given scripts to perform. “No they weren’t” was my reply. Bob’s love of people and dynamic personality made even these unsuspecting volunteers from the crowd a hit.

After 14 years of being involved in non-profit fundraising, I have seen a little of everything. Bob’s performance made our evening such a success that we have had one of the largest financial responses to our appeal. Our night of the event donations were the highest we’ve ever had. Here are some the comments we got from Bob’s evening with us…
“Absolutely amazing”
“I was not sure about this one, but after I got there, all my hesitation went away!”
“I thought the laser light show was AWESOME!”
“I really enjoyed him on the unicycle!”
“I loved him, what a talented man”
I think the last one says it all!

As an executive director whose job is making sure you meet your budget, you’re thrilled when you can finish an evening of entertainment for nearly 600 people, ask them for money and still have them thanking you for inviting them to a fundraising event, you’ve got a winning show! Booking Bob Cates will make you look like the smartest person in your organization.


Bill Sparks

Executive Director, Gilead Ministries